Produced this playable as a test of our skills/engine, without technical specification or assets provided. Created scenario, reccreated assets of this third party game, and produced this ad in a record time of one and a half days.

Nerdy stats

  • Platform : Facebook/google/unity
  • Time spend : 41 people/hours
  • Assets: Recreated
  • Scenario: Not provided


Worked on a playable for an existing game, assets were provided, our job was to work on scenario, re-cut and reformat assets and work on custom animation code to make this happen. Took total 5 days with multiple iterations.

Nerdy stats

  • Platform : Facebook/Google
  • Time spend : 38 people/hours
  • Assets: Adjusted for playable
  • Scenario: Provided


Extreme simple case of movement, and just loading of some spine animations for this game, scenario was provided and it was needed in a short time. Was delivered in 2 days, and had several iterations.

Nerdy stats

  • Platform : Vungle/Unity
  • Time spend : 21 people hours
  • Assets: Provided
  • Scenario: Provided